Pie Day

What is a better way to kick off the month of November and the upcoming holiday season than baking gluten-free pies?

The Sans Gluten club got together for a research and development meeting on Friday, November 8th to produce 100 each: pumpkin, chocolate, apple, and pecan pie using the following doughs: oat dough, basic pie dough, gingerbread dough, and chocolate dough-all gluten free.

The meeting began with demos by Chef Lavornia on gingerbread dough and Dorothy Turka on basic pie dough. After the group learned about the fundamentals of making pie dough, massive amounts of pre-made dough were pulled from the fridge to roll, cut, and insert into cute mini pie tins. Then, the tins were filled, topped with finishing touches, and baked off.

basic pie doughapple pie makingchocolate pie making gingerbread pie doughrolling gingerbread doughgingerbread pie

Altogether, the members of Sans Gluten not only got a chance to learn, hands on, about the making of gluten-free pies, but they also got to taste test the pies for themselves and experienced the delight of homemade pies that are not regularly available. It was definitely a treat.

1452023_745662628780532_2123711160_n pumpkin pie finished

The pie sale for these: I-can’t-believe-they’re-gluten-free pies was held on Wednesday, November 13th on the Harborside Campus where the members built an elegant pie table for students and faculty to purchase.



(Photo credits: Jessica Bose, Samantha Riley, and Jenny  Manseau)


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